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HCS Foods Co. was founded in 2019 by Jason Wong and Xulin Chen, a husband and wife duo. It stands for Huang Chu Shu Food Company. As an American-born Chinese, Jason wanted to bring together multiple flavors of Chinese cooking to best represent this food company. Xulin, his wife, came up with Huang Chu Shu. Huang or Wong represents Jason’s surname while Chu and Shu represent different Counties of China known for their chilis. The first being the County of Chu which include the present-day Province of Hunan. Chilis from this region are known for their exceptional spiciness and fragrant characteristics. The other is the County of Shu or presently known as Sichuan. Most will agree that chilis from this region are known for their tingling and numbing sensations. Together, Huang Chu Shu represents the flavors of HCS Food Co. specialty products.

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